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In this game mode, two teams will face off in an epic battle to invade the other team's base and capture their artifact before the time runs out.

Only one Capture the Artifact game will be active at a time. If you queue up while a game is in progress, you will be added to the existing game. If you would like to arrange a private match, Contact Metsfan#4263 on Discord.


Game Length

  • The game will when one team's artifact is destroyed
  • Upon the start of the game, each team will receive a pre-built base and 1 pre-built teleporter
  • For the first 10 minutes, each base will be protected by a Forcefield.
  • As players capture teleporters, they will deal damage to the enemy artifact. The enemy artifact can also be damaged by dino melee damage.
  • After 90 minutes, the game will enter OVERTIME increasing the rate at which the Artifact will take damage.


  • The artifacts are protected by a small bubble.
  • This bubble can be damaged by Dino melee attacks or by capturing and holding teleporters
  • Once the bubble is destroyed, the game will end.


There are is only one way to win: Destroy the enemy Artifact


  • Players will earn Hexagons for all activities in Capture the Artifact. Players can then use their Hexagons to purchase various items including
    • Dinos
    • Structures
    • Upgrades and consumables
  • Players will earn Hexagons in the following ways
    • Every 5 seconds, players will gain a small amount of Hexagons. This will increase every 15 minutes.
    • Killing an enemy dino - 2% of the dino cost to the entire team
    • Killing another player while in foot - 300 Hexagons
    • Killing an enemy Titan - 3000 Hexagons
    • If your team holds no Teleporters, All Hexagons gains are increased by 3x
    • Capturing supply crates
      • White Crate - 150 Hexagons
      • Green Create - 250 Hexagons
      • Blue Crate - 350 Hexagons
      • Purple Crate - 500 Hexagons
      • Yellow Crate - 700 Hexagons
      • Red Crate - 1000 Hexagons
    • Completing Events
      • Tribute Terminal - 700 Hexagons
      • Boss Kill - 1200 Hexagons


All wild dinos in Capture the Artifact can be tamed. To tame a dino, load your Longneck Rifle with the provided Tranquilizer Darts and shoot a dino once to tame it.

Team Advantage

If your team holds more teleporters than the enemy your team will gain the Advantage. The team with the advantage will gain the following bonuses

  • Your enemy's artifact will take periodic damage
  • Your dinos will gain 5% increased resistance for each enemy or neutral Teleporter owned.


  • Victory - 6000 Element Shard
  • Defeat - 3000 Element Shard
  • Player Kill - 200 Element Shard
  • Dino Kill - 5-20 Element Shard (based on dino cost)


Throughout the game, several different events will become active. The first team to complete the event will gain a bonus

Supply Crates

Collect the supply crates before your enemy

Dino Spawn

A wild dino appears on the map. Tame it before your enemy

Collect Tribute

The tribute terminal demands tribute. Collect it and craft it to gain the Hunter's Reward

Hunters Reward - Increases Damage and Resistance by 25% for 3 minutes

Boss Spawn

A boss has entered the battle. Slay it before your enemy to gain a powerful buff

Broodmother's Grasp - Increases Damage and Resistance by 15% and causes all your attacks to slow the enemy by 70% for 4 seconds. Lasts 5 minutes.

Monkey's Fist - Increases Damage and Resistance by 15% and cause your attacks to stun the enemy for 2 seconds. Enemy cannot be affected by this more than once every 15 seconds. Lasts 5 minutes.

Dragon's Fury - Increases Damage and Resistance by 15% and causes all your attacks cause your enemies to burn for 4 seconds. Lasts 5 minutes.

Hexagon Shop

The Hexagon Shop provides players with all the items they will need to compete in Capture the Artifact


There are 5 teleporters on the map. Hold E on a teleporter to capture it Any teleporter can be captured by either team. If a teleporter is unclaimed, it will appear as white. Otherwise it will appear as the color of the owning team.

Owned by Red Team at game start

  • Red base
  • Red ramp

Owned by Blue Team at game start

  • Blue base
  • Blue ramp

Neutral at game start

  • Center

New Controls

  • Middle Mouse Button - Hold to teleport back to your base. Cast time 5 seconds.
  • F2 - Show scoreboard
  • P - Exit Game


Items can be crafted in the Workbench structure


  • Metal Structures
  • C4 Charge
  • C4 Detonator
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Rocket Propelled Grenade




  • Stone
  • Flint
  • Wood
  • Thatch
  • Berries
  • Fiber

Dino Spawns

  • Therizino
  • Bronto
  • Paracer
  • Tapejara



  • Stone
  • Flint
  • Metal
  • Obsidian
  • Crystal

Dino Spawns

  • Rex
  • Allo
  • Yuty
  • Argent
  • Ovis



  • Silica Pearls

Dino Spawns

  • Piranha