Lava Golem Arena

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Up to 5 players will compete to be the last man standing and walk away with a bounty of loot, while avoiding deadly lava and the angry Lava Golem.

Game Progression

Phase 1 - Cave Antechamber

When the game starts, players will spawn at several locations spread around the cave antechamber. Players will compete for several loot crates spread across the map, and will also have to deal with aggressive creatures throughout the cave.

Phase 2 - Lava Golem Awakens

After 4 minutes of combat, the Lava Golem Boss will awaken. The path to the Lava Golem Arena will be open. Several loot crates will spawn around the arena, and the boss will spawn.

Phase 3 - Escape the cave

After the Lava Golem is defeated, the Arena will close in 2 minutes. Survive your enemies long enough to escape with the loot.


  • 5 players will spawn around the room in various places
  • Teaming is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • The game will automatically end after 20 minutes of combat.
    • If time runs out, all remaining players will be automatically teleported back to the lobby after 5 seconds.
  • Each player will have 4 lives. You will respawn at the original location where you started. After losing all your lives, you will be removed from the game.
    • After respawning, you will be immune to damage for 3 seconds
  • Same weapon restrictions as normal deathmatch games, with the following exceptions
    • Grappling Hooks are allowed, but will not work on other players, and can only be used to reach higher parts of the cave.
    • Riot Shields are allowed


Player Kill 150
Blue Crate 300-600 3 second unlock
Yellow Crate 500-800 6 second unlock
Red Crate 700-2000 10 second unlock

Loot Crates

Throughout the room will be several loot crates, ranging in color from Blue to Red. They will contain Element Shards. After looting the Element Shards from a loot crate, they will automatically be added to your total.

Each loot crate will need to be Unlocked. Hold E on a loot crate to unlock it. If you are damaged while unlocking a crate, the timer will reset.

Weapons Cache

Throughout the arena will be several “Weapons Cache” boxes. These boxes will contain “Rocket Propelled Grenade” which you can use to attack the Lava Golem.

  • Weapons Cache Crate (3 second unlock)
    • 5 - 10 RPGs

Weapons Caches will respawn every 4 minutes.

Lava Golem Boss

Roaming the Arena will be the feared Lava Golem boss. Use the rockets provided to kill the golem and steal his loot.

The Lava Golem can survive 20 direct hits from your Rocket Launcher.

The Lava Golem will drop 5 items each time it is killed.

Quality and Item are rolled in separate die rolls, for each item in the loot table.

Loot Item Chances

Armor Piece 70%
Weapon 28%
Tek Armor Piece 1%
Tek Weapon 1%

Loot Quality Chances

Ramshackle 35%
Apprentice 30%
Journeyman 20%
Mastercraft 10%
Ascendant 5%

Tek Loot Quality Chances

Primitive 99%
Ramshackle 0.5%
Apprentice 0.3%
Journeyman 0.15%
Mastercraft 0.04%
Ascendant 0.01%